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Please select a product to download for 30-days free evaluation. Installation is quick and easy with provided install and uninstall programs. No changes will be made to your system directories.

Stratesave 7.0a3
Next generation of Backup Software.

Stratesave 7.0a3 for Windows 10/2016/2012/8/2012/7/2008

If Stratesave 7.0a3 is installed on top of any previous version of Stratesave 7.0, it will automatically upgrade. Stratesave 7.0a3 can be installed concurrently with Stratesave 6.0 in a different install-directory. 30 days trial period for a previous Stratesave 7.0 version will be renewed when installing Stratesave 7.0a3. You receive another 30 days for trial. (If you need longer period for trial, uninstall Stratesave, remove HKLM\Software\Stratesave from the Registry and reinstall Stratesave. This will provide another 30 days for trial.)

Please read release-notes during installation.

SIDCHG and SIDCHG64 (64-bit Windows)
These are directly executables of SIDCHG SID Change Utility. There is no installation program.

It is important to not interrupt SID change in process. Additionally, on Windows 10, Do not Log in into the computer during SID change! Logging in will affect Start Menu and modern Windows interfaces and apps.

Download of old programs which are no longer sold.

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