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Backup organization with daily, weekly, monthly backups, designed for everyday regular backupX?
Backup to tape, fixed disk (including network file server), Sftp-Server, CD/DVD with builtin driver engine and other removable diskX?
Supports spanning backup over multiple tapes or removable disks, optionally using multiple drivesX?
Prompts for correct tape/disk, prevents accidental overwrite of wrong tape or diskX?
Disk Image Backup.X?
Open File Backup (VSS) and Disaster Recovery, local and networked (requires Windows PE DVD).X?
Uses advanced VSS mode in cooperation with writers for precise snapshot generation and backup. Has selectable writers. Also backs up and restores writer Meta-data.X?
Backup compressionX?
Different compression levels: one as fast or faster than uncompressed, still with compression about 50%, one as strong and fast as zipX?
Public/private key Backup encryption (no need to store secret key on PC for the automated backup)X?
Backup System StateX?
Backup Active Directory, Certificate Authority databasesX?
Backup NTFS specialities Security, Short filenames, Links, Streams, Sparse files, Encrypted and Compressed files, Reparse points.X?
Backup all international versions of WindowsX?
True compare function, for detailed comparison of PC with backupX?
Installable as a service. The service is controllable locally or remotely from Administrator or backup operator. Service does not interact directly with desktop.X?
Backup SQL Server, Exchange Server databasesX?
Backup Networked ComputersX?
SQL and Exchange Server backup included in regular backup planX?
Incremental backup of SQL Server and Exchange Server at very short intervalX?
Automatically restores files and databases from Full, differential and incremental backups in correct orderX?
Pre- + post-backup commandsX?
Support for tape autoloaders (SCSI)X?
Email and EventLog notificationX?
Pricing Standalone Workstation$49?
Pricing Standalone Server including Open File Backup and Disaster Recovery$198?
Pricing Entire Network including SQL and Exchange Server$496?
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