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Stratesave Specialities
Stratesave Backup Organization

  • You can choose different media for daily, weekly etc. backups. For example, store your daily differntial backups on fixed disk, which is fast, and needs no media handling. Store your monthly or weekly fullbackups on tape, which are cheap.

  • System state can be backed up differentially. To assure all system state files have been backed up correctly, catalog of base backup will be read first. Then, for every file it will be checked if the correct version (same creation and modification dates) is already backed up. It does not rely on before/after file dates, which are not reliable for system state files. This step of checking every file assures the system is backed up at the latest state after every differential backup, but keeps the differential backups small.
    To keep the backups and restores fast, Stratesave 6.0 has high speed optimized catalog reading.

  • For differential backups, Stratesave finds out by itself, where to restore the selected files/directories. For example after a differential backup, all files are listed for selection, which were present at the time the differential backup was made, even if they are stored in an earlier backup.

  • You can choose to restore from an earlier backup, and are also presented with the state of your files at that time, even if some files are stored in an even older backup.

  • Optionally you can choose to restore from a specific backup, independent of the backup plan. In this case, only files from that particular backup will be shown/restored.

Backup of Short Filenames

  • Also known as "8.3" names, they were introduced for backwards compatibility. But they are still in use by some Software. For this reason, Stratesave backups include short file and directory names.

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