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Stratesave --- the organized backup and restore solutions
Stratesave Systems --- the developer and provider of the organized, reliable, easy to use and costs effective data backup and image software for Windows standalone or client/server environment. Stratesave's backup organization, a key capability, presents an overview of executed backup process, frees the user from the daily brain work of backup management and makes it easy to define the backup plan and run backup and recovery tasks. This innovative concept delivers carefree data security for business demands.
Stratesave 7.0a4
Stratesave 7.0 provides fast backups through parallellisation and local and remote file and SQL / Exchange / VSS backup and image backup in VHDX/VHD format. Supported Windows versions Windows Server 2016 (minimum Windows Server 2012), Windows 10 (minimum Windows 7).
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New!   SIDCHG/SIDCHG64 3.0e
SIDCHG 3.0e: Command line utility to modify Computer SID and Computer name.

SIDCHG 3.0e fixes a serious issue from 3.0d. SIDCHG 3.0e is recommended upgrade for users of SIDCHG 3.0d. SIDCHG 3.0e also preserves user account PIN.

SIDCHG 3.0 has increased performance compared with SIDCHG 2.0. SIDCHG 3.0 supports preservation of credentials stored in Windows Vault with prior preparation of Vault backup.

Do not log into computer while SID is being changed in background, to preserve correctness of modern Windows user interfaces. SIDCHG 3.0 works with license key. Monthly trial keys for evaluation are available. Registrations for SIDCHG 2.0 entitle for reduced price upgrade to SIDCHG 3.0

SIDCHGU 1.0b: Command line utility to Transfer User Profile to another user.

SIDCHGU 1.0b has several fixes from SIDCHGU 1.0a. There is no longer automatic reboot after User Profile transfer

SIDCHGU 1.0 works with license key. Monthly trial keys for evaluation are available.

   SIDCHGX 1.0c
SIDCHGX 1.0c: Utility for automated individualisation of imaged clones.

SIDCHGX provides SID change during boot stage, Computer name detection over network, configurable Post Steps like join domain.

SIDCHGX 1.0 works with license key. Monthly trial keys for evaluation are available.

SIDCHGX 1.0c has some performance improvement from 1.0b.

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