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SIDCHGU - Utility to Copy or Move User Profile
SIDCHGU (SIDCHGU64 on 64-bit Windows) 1.0e is a command-line utility to Copy or Move a Windows User Profile including user home directory with subdirectories from one user to another, for Windows 2022/11/2019/2016/10/8.1/2012 R2/8/2012/7/2008 R2.
SIDCHGU64 [options]
  /COPY: Copy user profile
  /MOVE: Move user profile
  /FROMUSER=: Username of profile to be copied/moved. user or domain\user (or DC\user) or .\user
  /TOUSER=: Username where profile is to be copied/moved. user or domain\user (or DC\user) or .\user
  /FROMPW or /FROMPW=: Optional: Login-password of FROM user. Needed to recover encrypted stored information
  /NPP: No Run Once-post processing. Transparent post processing is needed to preserve encrypted files and other user settings.
  /NOLOGINDISP: Don't set the username as Last login user shown in login screen
  /F: Omit confirmation
  /KEY=: License key
  /SK: Store licence key in registry for later
  /ADUSER= (optional with /ADUSERPW=): Username (with Password) of AD-access-User to retrieve necessary information of fromuser or touser
  /ADUSERFROM= (optional with /ADUSERFROMPW=): Username (with Password) of AD-access-User to retrieve necessary information of fromuser
  /ADUSERTO= (optional with /ADUSERTOPW=): Username (with Password) of AD-access-User to retrieve necessary information of touser
 Following options are advanced (not for normal use):
  /ALLDIRS: Scan all directories for references to the user (with /MOVE only)
  /FROMSID=: User SID of profile to be copied/moved. Raw mode: Be sure to enter correct value like S-1-5-21-...
  /TOSID=: User SID where profile is to be copied/moved. Raw mode: Be sure to enter correct value like S-1-5-21-...
  /TOOBJECTGUID=: Domain User objectGUID where profile is to be copied/moved. Raw mode: Be sure to enter correct value

Best usages samples:
 SIDCHGU64 /COPY (or /MOVE) /FROMUSER=fromusername /TOUSER=newusername
 SIDCHGU64 /COPY (or /MOVE) /FROMUSER=fromusername /TOUSER=newusername /FROMPW
 SIDCHGU64 /COPY (or /MOVE) /FROMUSER=fromusername /TOUSER=newusername /ADUSER=domainuser /ADUSERPW=domainuserpw
 SIDCHGU64 /COPY (or /MOVE) /FROMUSER=fromdomain\fromusername /TOUSER=todomain\tousername /FROMPW=fromuser-loginpw
 SIDCHGU64 /COPY (or /MOVE) /FROMUSER=.\fromusername /TOUSER=todomain\tousername
 SIDCHGU64 /COPY (or /MOVE) /FROMUSER=fromdomain\fromusername /TOUSER=todomain\tousername /ADUSERFROM=access-user in from-domain /ADUSERTO=access-user in to-domain

Changing User Profile risks data loss and damaged user account and system. Do not interrupt User Profile change in process!

After User Profile Change, reboot is required before logging in to new account.

SIDCHGU determines from the username whether it's a local or domain account. Also possible and recommended is to specify domain\username or domaincontroller\username or .\username (for local account). SIDCHGU does copy or move the user profile from domain account to domain account, also between different domains, between local accounts, or between local and domain account in both directions. SIDCHGU must be run from an account with local Administrator rights. If the user profile is to be copied/moved between domain users the account SIDCHGU is run from also needs to have read access to the domain, or a domain account with read access to the domain user accounts needs to be specified with /ADUSER= or /ADUSERFROM= and /ADUSERTO= respecively. /ADUSERPW= /ADUSERFROMPW= /ADUSERTOPW= are to provide the domain account password, or it will be asked for. If SIDCHGU is run from a local account and the profile is copied/moved from or to a domain account, then domain\username needs to be specified and /ADUSER= (or /ADUSERFROM= rsp /ADUSERTO=) also need to be specified. SIDCHGU cannot be run neither from the user account of the profile being copied/moved nor from the target user account. After /MOVE move userprofile operation, the FROM user account does not have a user profile any more. When logging in to FROM account after moving the user profile, a new default user profile will be created for that account.

/FROMPW or /FROMPW=pw option allows to specify login password of FROM account. This is needed to preserve encrypted stored user information, for example Windows Action Center settings and encrypted files. Please note that EFS encrypted files cannot always be preserved. If it is necessary to preserve encrypted files, best to save the EFS certificate in advance, for example with rekeywiz-command. Following fixed passwords will also be checked, in case /FROMPW-option is not convenient. Be careful when using one of them, for safety keep the account disabled: SIDCHGU$4341 SIDCHGX@9149 SIDCHG#7216 . For user profile copy/move between local accounts preservation of encrypted information possibly also works if both accounts have the same password. If preservation of encrypted information was not successfull, recovery of encrypted files can later be tried manually from user unprivileged command prompt with commmand SIDCHGU /POSTPROCESSING /OLDPW=fromaccount-password, optionally with option /ALLSIDS, which enhances the recovery attempt.

Option /ALLDIRS lets SIDCHGU scan all directories on all fixed drives on the system for file-access for the user to be changed (for Move profile only, not for Copy profile). The permissions will be adjusted to TO user if needed. Per default only selected directories are checked.

Raw mode will be used if /FROMSID= rsp /TOSID= is specified. In this case the specified username and SID will be used for the copy/move, without SIDCHGU performing any checks whether the values correctly correspond to a user account. Raw mode can be used for FROM user, TO user or both. Use of raw mode is not recommened unless absolutely necessary, for example if no domain controller is available to verify a domain account to be moved from or to. /TOOBJECTGUID=TO user's domain objectGUID must be specified for domain accounts.

Please note that SIDCHGU does not change, create or delete any user account, it only copies or moves the user profile including user home directory. The local or domain accounts where the user profile is being copied or moved from or to need to be created beforehand using system commands or other tools.

SIDCHGU is free to try for evaluation for 30 days maximum, but not free to use.
SIDCHGU/SIDCHGU64 license agreement
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