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Stratesave Desktop & Laptop Backup
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To easily and reliablly protect your valuable data critical for your business, Stratesave Systems has designed a data protection software Stratesave for people, who have no time to always care about the data protection. The user has only to define the individual backup plan once, the every day backups can be excecuted automatically or with the ease of a mouse click.
Stratesave simplifies data protection task. The ordinary backup programs require you to think out everyday, which backup you did last, on which disk/tape you made it, which disk/tape should be taken for the current backup, or if you should go with an incremental backup this time etc. This is brainwork that you must do every day. Now Stratesave does this all for you. It keeps a log of executed backups, and calculates which backup is next (daily, weekly, monthly etc.) Restore program finds the backups all by itself and prompts you for the right name of the tape/disk, or chooses the correct fixed disk location.

Stratesave Desktop and Laptop provides organized and automated everyday backups and organized archives for Windows 10/7 to fixed drives (including networked drives on a remote server), tapes or removable drives (including CD/DVD). Unique features of Stratesave Desktop and Laptop are:

  • Backup organization optimized for care free everyday backup
  • Backups to Fixed disk (including networked disks), Sftp Server (Unix/Linux or Windows with Sftp Server Software), Tapes, Removable disks, CD/DVD with builtin driver engine, with spanning (extending backup over several tapes/removable disks).
  • Image Backup, Open File Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Precise backups include more operating system and file system specialities
  • True compare, to list changes in your PC data and configuration in backup
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