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Stratesave Image Backup
   for Windows 7/2008/Vista/2003/XP

Stratesave supports backing up disk partition images. This is always a full backup. Only the used disk blocks are backed up. The image can be restored to the same or a different partition, which must be as least as big as backed up partition. Alternatively, images can be restored as disk files in VHD-format to be processed with VHDMOUNT or other tools.

Stratesave creates most precise image backups: VSS is used to create partition snapshot. VSS Writer Applications with files in the partition are automatically selected to participate in image creation. For System disk image, VSS System State backup image will be created. Image backups can be combined with file backups.

In addition, Stratesave backs up disk headers. This is the space on disk before the first partition, usually 63 sectors. It contains boot record, disk identification and partition information.

During Restore of a partition image or disk header a dialog will be shown, where the target disk and partition numbers can be selected. There is also a final confirmation dialog before restore.

Stratesave Image Backup Agent is built within Stratesave and is not extra Software. It is included with all Stratesave versions.

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