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Stratesave 7.0 January 2018
  • Backup of Windows 10, Windows Server 2016

  • Visible performance gain in many cases through parallellisation, especially for network backup, or backup of multiple disks and computers

  • Log (List of executed backups), and Macro (Backup plan) are stored in XML format.

  • AES 256 encryption (AES 128 up to Stratesave 6.0).

Stratesave 6.0f5 November 2015
  • Backup of Windows 8, Windows Server 2012

Stratesave 6.0e July 2010
  • Backup of Windows 7, Windows 2008 R2, Exchange Server 2010 and SQL Server 2008 R2

  • VSS+VHD-compatible Image backup. Backup local and remote Partition images+Disk headers. Restore to disk partion or VHD-image file.

  • Support Sftp-Backup to Server with installed Certificate

  • Support STARTTLS and NTLM authentication for sending email

  • More Commandline parameters for scripted restore.

  • Restore SQL Server backups to alternate SQL database

  • Restore VSS databases to alternate location, if supported by writer (supported by SQL writer and Exchange 2007/2010 VSS).

  • Incremental backups of VSS, if supported by Writer (supported by Exchange VSS).

  • Local and Remote Computer SID changer builtin.

  • Tape backups can be spooled to disk, before they are written on tape.

  • Very large tape buffer sizes on Windows 64.

Stratesave 6.0d March 2009
  • Remote SQL and Exchange Server backups without using Remote SQL/Exchange API functions.

  • Link volume names with weekdays for Tape/Removable disk backups

Stratesave 6.0c May 2008
  • Backup Windows 2008 computers (32+64 bit), local and networked.

Stratesave 6.0b March 2008
  • Backup 64-bit (x64) computers, local and networked.

  • Improved scheduler: The backups can now be done in background with low priority, to minimize performance impact for other programs. The scheduler also keeps on running when backup fails, automatically retrying. For backups to network disk or sftp online Server, the backup will automatically be done as soon as the computer gets connected.

Stratesave 6.0 November 2007
  • Backup Windows Vista, with Open File Backup (VSS) and Disaster Recovery (ASR).

  • Backup to Sftp Server (Unix/Linux or Windows with Sftp Server Software).

  • Precise differential backup, checks every file in catalog of base backup. Also differential System State Backup based on precise differential backup.

Stratesave 5.1a September 2006
  • Maintenance release.

Stratesave 5.1 August 2006
  • Builtin engine for backup to CD/DVD. Supported are CD-RW, CD-R, DVD+RW, (DVD-RW), DVD+R, DVD-R. DVD-RW supported, but not recommended. Better use DVD+RW instead

  • Backup of SQL Server 2005. VSS full backups through SqlServerWriter or MSDEWriter can now be combined with standard SQL Server differential and incremental backups.

  • Free upgrade from Stratesave 5.0

Stratesave 5.0d March 2006
  • Maintenance release.

Stratesave 5.0c February 2006
  • Maintenance release.

Stratesave 5.0a, 5.0b January 2006
  • Maintenance releases.

Stratesave 5.0 November 2005
  • New modern style userinterface combines all Stratesave parts in 1 program.

  • Many improvements, especially with network backup and performance.

Stratesave 4.0e March 2005
  • Supports free full testing for 30 days without trial key.

  • Allows 12 characters tape volume names (previously 6).

Stratesave 4.0d January 2005
  • Tolerant mode for tape mount allows mounting of tape outside tape rotation scheme.

  • Multiple receivers and SMTP authentication for notification emails.

  • Bug fixes mainly with snapshot generation.

Stratesave 4.0c April 2004
  • Fixes and minor improvements, mainly with tape backup and database backup.

Stratesave 4.0a March 2004
  • Backup Tape I/O Buffering with specifiable Buffer Size. Helps keep tape streaming.

  • Some Fixes and minor improvements, with Snapshot creation and Removable Storage Manager (RSM) tape mount.

Stratesave 4.0 January 2004
  • Open File Backup (VSS) and Disaster Recovery (ASR) for Windows 2003 Server and Windows XP, local and network backup.

Stratesave 3.0 July 2003
  • Open File Backup and Disaster Recovery for Windows XP local backups.

  • Other improvements
    Many improvements, especially for backup of SQL Server, local and Networked.

Stratesave 2.0 Release January 2003
Stratesave 2.0 Prerelease 5 12/1/02
  • Backup of Certificate Authority (CA) Database

  • Other improvements
    Performance improvement with regard to directory scan and CRC checksum run, especially for multi-volume backups. Also includes other improvements, for most comfortable organized backup every day.

Stratesave 2.0 Prerelease 4 October 2002
  • Support for Windows XP professional

  • Backup of Windows 2000/XP System State, Active Directory
    Permits to fully Backup Windows 2000 domain controller, local or network backup.

  • Backup of SQL Server
    Support for SQL Server 2000, 7.0, 6.5. Full, Differential and Incremental backups, local or over network.

  • Backup of Exchange Server
    Support for Exchange Server 2000 and 5.5. Full, Differential and Incremental backups, local or networked.

  • Email notification
    Sends you email, configurable after failed or successfull backups, or when tape or removable disk must be mounted.

  • Improved scheduling
    Scheduling is now better integrated with backup plan, supports backup time windows, and preview list of scheduled backups.

Stratesave 2.0 Prerelease 3b June 2001
  • Company name change to Stratesave System
    The name change is also now represented within Stratesave Software and the Registry path is adjusted accordingly.

  • Bug fixes
    Fixed some minor errors, especially with regard to tape backup.

Stratesave 2.0 Prerelease 3 January 2001
  • Backup encryption
    You can optionally encrypt your backups. If someone manages to steal your backup media, (s)he still cannot retrieve the backed up data. Stratesave uses public/private key encryption, that the secret private key used for restore is not stored on PC.

  • Autoloader support
    Support for SCSI tape autoloaders.

  • Windows ME
    Supports full backup/restore of Windows ME systems.

  • CD-ROM
    Supports backups to CD-RW and CD-R.

  • CD-ROM
    Run Stratesave as a Service under Windows NT/2000, including network backups with Network Agent.

  • And More...
    Improved stability, backup speed. Also has other useful new features.

  • Free upgrade
    Upgrade is free for registered users of Stratesave 2.0

Stratesave 2.0 Prerelease 2 May 2000
  • Improved network backups:
    Network agent can now backup password protected network shares, and optionally store the password. It also better detects remote computers' administrative shares (C$), and supports full backup/restore of remote Windows 98/95 computers.

  • Stratesave now works with more tape drives.
    Still DAT drive is recommended tape drive for Stratesave backups.

  • Organized archive:
    Save your finished projects outside the backup rotation scheme.

Stratesave 2.0 Prerelease 1 March 2000
  • Stratesave Standard for local organized backups to PCs local disk, tape or removable disk, in addition to the Stratesave Unix/OpenVMS versions.

  • Full backups of Windows 2000 systems, including the new specialities, which have been added to NTFS.

  • Network agent, for full backups of unlimited number of networked Windows 2000/NT PCs through their file shares (e.g. C$), without need to install Software on those PCs. Backups/restores include registry and the other specialities, as for local backups.

  • True compare, the must have security feature for precise compare of your current PC data and configuration with the one in backup.

  • Improvements in user interface, ability to exclude directories, "Find files" dialog and more.

Stratesave 1.1h  8/10/98
  • Unlimited backup size to tape for Windows 95/98/NT.

  • Backup of Windows 98 systems

Stratesave 1.1g  3/10/98
  • Minimum Backup rotation 1 for backups to fixed disk is available. Disk space on server is saved up to 50% from rotation=2, the previous minimum value, as only the latest backup will be kept with rotation=1.
    Stratesave's rotation 1 strategy still keeps the high security. With rotation=1, the previous backup is erased only after the successfull new backup. This protects your data in the worst case scenario, where the PC/disk crashes during backup, the previous backup will still be available.
    What is Backup rotation? It specifies, how many backups are kept, before 1st backups is overwritten. E.g. with rotation=5, 6th backup will overwrite 1st backup etc.

Stratesave 1.1e  1/20/98
  • The new version fixes a problem, where Stratesave reports a restore problem in rare cases. Everything is restored fine in the old version, but it could happen that the restore complains about an error in backup (size mismatch), which of course is irritating. This only happened in the Win 3.1/3.11 version of Stratesave. We are informing you because you have registered that version.

Stratesave 1.1c  12/1/97
  • Backup to SCO server

  • Backup OpenVMS server over Decnet

Stratesave 1.1b  10/8/97
  • More stable connection to Unix server (No more connection reset by peer)

  • Improved restoration from incremental backups

  • Stratesave backup program can be started as a service on Windows NT. Backup program's help explains how it is done.

  • Command line parameters now fully work if program is not registered.

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