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Stratesave 7.0 Download Now
Stratesave 7.0 provides faster backups through parallellisation. Multiple client computers and multiple disks will be backed up concurrently, leading to visible performance gain and smaller backup windows in many cases.
Other news
The Macro (backup plan), and the Log (List of executed backups) are stored in XML-Format. AES 256 encryption (AES 128 up to Stratesave 6.0).
Notes if you are already using Stratesave 6.0
Stratesave 7.0 can be installed concurrently with Stratesave 6.0. Use a different installation directory in this case. Stratesave 7.0 is not compatible with Stratesave 6.0. Backups written with version 6.0 cannot be read with 7.0. Macros and logs from 6.0 can be read with 7.0, but 7.0 writes them in XML format, so if changed they cannot be read with 6.0 again.
Stratesave 7.0 in service
Stratesave 7.0 Server and Network is used to backup data from 5 computers, 3 Windows Server 2008 R2, 1 Windows Server 2003, 1 Windows XP, to a LTO4 tape drive. Full backup of 485 GBytes of data lasts 1 hour 45 minutes (78 MBytes/sec) without checksum, 3 hours 21 minutes (41 MBytes/sec) with checksum control control run. This shows the big performance gain of Stratesave 7.0 compared with Stratesave 6.0. Stratesave 7.0 has comparable performance with the fastest backup programs to a very competitive price. Also LTO tape drives with high performance, movability, and reliability are definitely a good choice for backup media.
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